Ohio Criminal Law: Misdemeanor or Felony? Jail or Prison?

What is the difference between a misdemeanor conviction and a felony conviction in Ohio? A serious misdemeanor can carry a jail sentence and fine, while a felony conviction will result in a prison sentence and heavy fines. Both will impact your quality of life going forward. That is why it is so important to engage legal counsel immediately if you are stopped, questioned, or arrested by law enforcement. A qualified, experienced criminal lawyer can be the difference between a lighter charge or dismissed charge in a misdemeanor or felony in Ohio.

Jail and Misdemeanors

Detainees in a local jail will ...

MUST READ criminal advice for the OSU/Oklahoma game on 9/9/2017

Arrest advice: Don’t run from it. It only makes it worse. Click on Oklahoma QB and Heisman hopeful Baker Mayfield’s name to watch a prime example of what NOT to do. And if you thought that was bad; just wait until OSU’s defensive front puts it on him during the game.


Boone’s Farm and Asset Watching - Mental Illness is Everywhere

As I was leisurely walking back to my office from a late lunch at Ditty’s Downtown Deli, I was confronted by a man on the corner of 4th and Main Street. This gentleman was having a conversation with himself before we made eye contact. My sight interrupted his one-on-none conversation, where he asked if I had any money. He asked several times in very rapid succession. I blurted out “Nope,” as I’ve trained myself to do for when my wife and/or kids ask for the same (it was also a true response ...

Who's behind the wheel of self-driving cars?

May 7, 2016 marks a tragic day in history. The day the first person died as a result of a car accident involving a self-driving car - Joshua Brown, a former Navy Seal from Canton, Ohio. Tesla's Autopilot system controls the car with radar and cameras that scan the road. This technology is designed to keep cars within lanes, while it brakes, accelerates, and passes other vehicles automatically. This technology, however, failed to recognize the tractor-trailer that came out of a road intersecting with Joshua Brown's Tesla Model S. According to Tesla's public statement, "what we know is that the ...

If Tiger Woods can do it, so can you

Professional golfer Tiger Woods was recently charged with impaired driving. Apparently, he was under the influence of a concoction of sleeping pills and pain killers that were prescribed after he had back surgery.

It is all too common that what seems to start as the reasonable and lawful prescribing of opioid’s as pain medication, leads to addiction. To some degree, I see this in my practice nearly every day. Blame the doctors? Some do. Blame the pharmaceutical companies? Ohio’s Attorney General Mike DeWine does. But at the end of the argument ...

One Beer Could Get You Arrested

Utah recently passed legislation reducing the permissible blood alcohol content to operate a vehicle from .08% to .05%. Utah is the first state in the country that has taken this step.

The federal government has already taken the stance that all states should reduce their legal limit of blood alcohol content to drive a vehicle.

With Utah’s lead, there is a good chance that other states will follow suit. I would not be surprised if you heard in the coming years that Ohio legislators are considering a similar reduction in the legal limit of blood alcohol ...

Don’t let road karma get you

There is a powerful energy out on the roads that people need to recognize. It’s the ever-present “road karma.” If you have never heard of road karma, it’s probably because you are the type that doesn’t let the little old lady merge onto the freeway. Or maybe you’re the type to never let that soccer dad, with a van full of kids, exit out of the local McDonald’s when all you had to do was stop short of the exit as you waited for the light to change.

If you are ...

Be aware and share the road with motorcycles!

It's that time of year, people are ready to get out of hibernation-mode and back into the great outdoors. For many, there is no better way than rounding up the wolfpack, firing up the motorcycles, and exploring the Ohio scenery. For everyone though, it is that time of year we all need to be aware and pay more attention driving. I have always sought to be a defensive driver - thinking "I'm the one that can control myself and immediate surroundings." The fact of the matter is though, being defensive isn't always enough. In this technology-forward day and age, distracted drivers are now the norm. As I travel extensively for ...

New drunk driving (OVI) law goes into effect April 6, 2017

For most first time OVI offenders it used to be pretty basic. Do the three day “DUI school” and you are good to go. Get slapped with a six month license suspension with work privileges, and you’re back on the road.

Well, starting April 6, 2017, it’s not going to be that simple anymore. The lawmakers just passed new legislation they are calling “Annie’s Law.” Annie’s Law is named after a criminal defense lawyer who was killed by a drunk driver. This new law provides some pretty sweeping changes to ...

The hidden difficulty filing a Social Security Disability claim

To describe the Social Security disability application process as complicated is an understatement. Being approved for the benefits you may deserve is challenging. The approval rate for claims varies throughout the country, however, the national average indicates that about 36% of initial claims are approved - therefore around 64% are DENIED.

You can appeal the initial denial of your claim by filing a request for reconsideration. This stage, however, has the lowest approval rate of ALL disability claim levels - the national average is only 13.8%. The Social Security Regulations are stringent and allow the decision makers to deny more claims than ...

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