Calling Southeastern Ohio home since 1923

To the fellow members of our community,

It is with unparalleled pride that the attorneys at Graham & Graham work to achieve the firm’s mission of providing every individual and family of Southeastern Ohio with the highest-quality, client-centered legal services. We proudly serve in the community where we live, where we grew up and where we raise our families. We are fellow members of this community and we make every effort to provide the best legal advice to the residents of Zanesville, Muskingum county and the surrounding counties.

Two brothers, Ernest and Clarence Graham, established Graham & Graham law firm in 1923. Nearly 100 years later, it is with great honor that we carry on the family tradition of serving the residents of Southeastern Ohio. We are a local law firm with large family roots and values. Each of the eight attorneys at Graham & Graham resides in Zanesville, with five of the attorneys being family members. We feel a strong connection and commitment to this area we each call home. It is the core of our firm and what makes us different; it is the Graham & Graham difference.

An alternative to a big city firm, we place our emphasis on serving you. As a member of our community, we want to help you solve your problems; at Graham & Graham, you are more than just another file to us. We make it our duty to first get to know you and your family so that we can provide you with the best legal advice possible. In the end, you are our neighbors, our fellow community members, and we know you expect to be treated as such. We make the effort to ensure that when you bring your legal problems through our doors, you will meet face-to-face with an attorney and the first meeting is absolutely free of charge. We pride ourselves on our accessibility to our clients. It is our intent to help you navigate the complexities of your problems and issues with the importance and attention they deserve.

While we are proudly a general practice law firm, we primarily work in the areas of civil litigation at both the state and federal court levels, with an emphasis on complex personal injury, social security disability and workers’ compensation law.

Like any art form, or any advanced skill, the attorneys at Graham & Graham strive daily to improve their craft: the art of law.


The Graham and Graham Law Firm

  • Clay Graham
  • Stephen Mccann
  • J. William Merry
  • Robert Graham
  • David Graham
  • Robert Mcclelland
  • Joshua Graham
  • Travis Jones


  • 1923 Ernest and Clarence Graham, establish Graham & Graham
  • 1977 Stephen R. McCann joins Graham & Graham
  • 1979 Robert P. Graham joins Graham & Graham
  • 1980 J. William Merry joins Graham & Graham
  • 1980 Clay P. Graham joins Graham & Graham
  • 1983 David A. Graham joins Graham & Graham
  • 2007 Robert G. McClelland joins Graham & Graham
  • 2009 Joshua R. Graham joins Graham & Graham
  • 2014 Travis M. Jones joins Graham & Graham

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